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Free palm reading for 011 and feedback

Though I was to offer a free palm reading only for love and marriage, but I made an attempt to show the interested learners the aggregate of analysis of all the principal lines along with its real feedback in red lines. Hope it will increase the understanding on palm lines much more. This you can take as a sample of full palm analysis though it will vary from person to person depending on their palm lines.

left hand

right hand

1.Head line analysis
 The ending of head line on both hand is quite same straight, that means
1.    your childhood conditions were favorable enough, especially without any financial stress where you would have to earn your food by yourself and well this is true but now as I am getting older I need money so I can spend it on myself
2.    you grew up with natural practicality, by this you mean that I am straightforward then yes
3.    careful about handling money, true, I think before spending
and since the line is short, logically it indicates a shortcoming of your brain power, that means
4.    you have not studied enough to develop your brain. As I have often seen, people with short head lines aren’t so good in study and they aren’t highly educated. Can you prove me wrong? Well not sure about this one but I am currently in college in my 2nd year studying business admin so if that isn’t considered as highly educated then you are right.
And head line ends curving upward, indicating that
5.    Your mentality is growing up in such a way that the more you live, the more will be your desire for money and determination to possess it and this desire will be stronger every year. True, I would like to have sufficient money to live a happy and healthy life.
Your head line begins joining the life line and that means, in your inner core of your mind, you are cautious, and since the end is straight, now you have developed your mentality in such a way that
6.    you have become determined and reliable . i am reliable, trustworthy

Island Sign
Your head line consists of islands in the form of continuous chain. It is said to be a sign of low blood circulation in brain,
7.    that will make you to act in erratic fashion. Obviously it will be difficult for you to stick to one task or job constantly. Well since I am 20 years old, haven’t had that many jobs, maybe in future. I’ll let you know as the life goes on.

Change of Track of head line
From around 25 years age, there are fine lines rising upward, that indicates unusual strain in life at that age and
8.    from this age you will develop a more practical and business like attitude that will prevail throughout the rest of your life. So this means that I will be doing my own business by that age?  If yes, then what kind?
There are more such upward lines from head line afterward, indicating
9.    Such stressful situations will come also in future and you will be able to handle it with a business like attitude. good

2.   Life line analysis
Thin life line with numerous lines crossing from Mars represents
10. Weak health and skinny body structure and. Amazing! That how much the palm can tell us. I am kind of skinny. Everyone tells me to join the gym. Well I guess the time hasn’t come yet.
11. Strong nerve that will help you to hold out under any strain of ill health. That means you have the nerve to walk even in high fever where others would have to retire to bed. True, If I have high fever I go outside in fresh air and I feel better.
Beginning Place
Your life line seems to begin from Jupiter mount. So the quality of Jupiter will be dominant in your whole life and
12. You will have more control over your temper I try to control it, I get irritated very easily by little things.
13. And your life will be governed by the ambitious side of your nature. So I am guessing this is a good thing?
Around from 30 years age, a second life line accompanies the first one, indicating that
14. After 30 years age onwards, your health will be in better condition, good to hear this.
15. And there will be greater efforts to achieve something related to your purpose of life at that age. and as there are sun lines, I can tell, your efforts and work will be recognized and appreciated by all. How to find the purpose of life?
16.  You will live beyond 70. Nice, as long as I am healthy then wouldn’t mind living that long.

3.   Fate line
You have faint or shadowy fate line on your right hand whereas a clear fate line is visible in left hand. Assuming you are right handed like most of the people,
17.  I can say, somehow you wasted your early life and the life path that you are undertaking right now is much shadowy, as if you knew nothing about what to do with this life, not aimless, I would rather say, without any steady purpose of life. That is so true, sometimes I do think why am I here? What am I doing? Getting up in the morning going to school/work is that the purpose of life?
18. You disbelieve the idea of fate or destiny and here I don’t agree with you. I highly believe in fate/destiny. I believe whatever is to happen will happen no matter what.
19. You will surely be successful by your mentality alone, if you have a steady purpose of life. Sun line guarantees your success. Good to hear this!
As your sun line descends down to head line,
20. Success from your efforts will be more brilliant and radiant after 35 years age. Uhm 15 years to go.:)

4.   Heart line
As your heart line bends down under Jupiter, it says that
21. You won’t be able to make any successful long term relationship, I guess, you have already known it from your life. Not yet
22. If you marry, then family life will also be troublesome. Will keep that in mind
Also your heart line consists of little lines, indicating
23. Inconstancy in love affairs and
24. Most of the cases love and affection won’t last long.

5.   Marriage line
Your marriage line says that
25. your marriage will happen at around 30 years age,  30 years..well someone else told me that it would be around 25-26.
26. but somehow you will be separate from each other, may be after a few years of marriage, will it be love or arrange marriage? What do you have to say about kids, if any?
though the separation doesn’t necessarily meant to be legal separation.

And since there are many astray lines running throughout the palm,
27. there will be unexpected events throughout your whole life. What kind of unexpected event? Can you give an example?
28. The final thing I want to say is you can’t hope for the favor of fate, rather use your own brain and try to develop it. You will get success, though your family life and relationship will be a little troubled, I am afraid.
The above points I mentioned are just some inferences drawn in the light of palmistry knowledge. I am just presenting here what the signs tell us about you. Obviously there might be good and bad points. My opinion is if they satisfy your judgment, you can pay heed to them and do accordingly what will be favorable to you, or you can simply ignore them saying that these are rubbish. It’s totally up to you.
I will appreciate feedback on numbered points so that  I can make my predictions better by learning from my mistakes. May you be happy and safe. Good luck.
Sansayan Chakma

From the above analysis, we see that we can perfectly able to say about his character, his view, his possible future etc. just from having a look at the palm lines.  The more the palmist can exploit his analytical ability, the truer results can come out. Isn't this amazing?


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