Monday, October 10, 2011

How does love/marriage/relationships look for me?

Dear 018, we can start analyzing your palm lines from head lines. After all, head lines represent mental attitude of the person. So if we know a person's mentality, we can reasonably find out his or her usual actions and behaviours regarding particular matters like love, romance and relationship.

We see that both your head lines are sloping downward. It indicates an impractical artistic attitude. That means-
1.       You love to imagine a lot. While making decisions, most often you don't think about financial gain or loss, rather you  make decisions based on your likings and instant impulses.
 The beginning of head line is intertwined with life line, indicating that-
2.        you are naturally very cautious.
Sloping head lines indicate that -
3.       you imagine lots of frightening things though they are unreal.
 Along with this fragile nature, lots of lines running all over the palm, so-
4.        your life will be eventful, and you will change your mind constantly.
As we have got a glimpse of your nature, so we can safely conclude that in case of love and romance-
5.       You become pretty nervous in front of opposite sex,
6.       If something goes wrong in your relationship, you become very worried and tend to imagine lots of unreal things!
7.       As your mind changes constantly, so sometimes you feel that you like your partner and some other times, you feel that you dislike him or her most.
We have surmised the behaviours based on reasoning. Now we can dig into heart line to see what lies inside the nutshell.
You have a heart line sloping downward at the end.
1.       You will love with your whole heart and soul, but affection will be misplaced and possibly never returned.
Your heart line consists of many descending branch lines indicating that-
2.       you will get hurt mentally from your lover and it will be pretty difficult to maintain a long term relationship.
3.       Often you will find something in your lover's behaviour which will be difficult to bear with.
And from your marriage lines, 22, 25, 35, 37 are important years in your age. I will forbade early marriage. The marriage at 35 years, there will be separation or divorce.
So that's it for now. Hope it explains a few things regarding love and marriage. Don't hesitate to make comments!


  1. in some persons brain line doest get developed why ?does it comes from parental genes ..does the person has things so that he can cope up...

  2. A developed brain line depends 99% on your study and travel. Other 1% is inherent talent. All these are manifested in head line.

  3. I have asked this question because..i have seen palms of a father and his son both their brain lines ..were almost same and did not develop much...

  4. and observed palm of a two year old baby..her brain line extended upto..upper mars...

  5. for the baby, as the brain line extended up to upper mars, simply it means she will be practical and automatically think about profit and loss even when she is a child and this aspect will manifest itself in various ways varying from demanding to handling things and as palmistry suggests, she will have a tendency to amass wealth and other stuff.

  6. thnks ..but what about the father and son .who have similar head lines un developed.and how can a 2 yr old baby ..can travel so much...

    1. some talents are inborn, that's why we get child prodigy. So their head lines are seen developed even like in a 2 yr old baby. Forget about travel.
      And about father and son, well, if their head lines are not developed, that means they have not tried much to improve their learning, in fact what I have seen, with undeveloped head lines, people hate books and other types of learning. They are not curious. They are not eager to learn. And of course I have observed, they cannot grasp abstract ideas so easily.

  7. How can i post my palm picture

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