Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Nature, love, marriage and profession for Fat people!

I hope you all know fat people:) Obviously we all do. But there is still something that we miss. Have you ever thought about why they act in a certain way?

You should know this fact that Fat people are the first category of five human types. They have some particular tendencies in general, a common nature which attributes some common behavior to all the fat people. Based on this inborn nature, they behave in a certain way in their love and marriage life. They are naturally better in some works and professions than others due to their inborn nature. But before knowing what their inborn nature is, what their love mate should be and what their profession should be, before all, I am going to show you specifically, whether you have fat nature present within you or not.

How to identify fat people?
Obviously it is a ridiculous question, because we are not so blind to know a fat man:) But it is important. We can identify fat people instantly by seeing their face, because it is fat and round; by seeing their physique, it is fat and round, the largest part being the belly! Look at their fingers. They are round. Their finger joints are sunken unlike others (see the picture). The hand is dimpled with fat. The wrist is round. If you have any of the above signs in your face, body and hand, surely you have a fatty nature. Now what is the fatty nature?!

Nature of fat people
Fat people are very fond of comfort. They like big leather chairs, spacious car and baggy trousers, soft collars soft cuffs, imagine everything comfortable and they will go after them and get them if affordable.Never take anything seriously - is their inner motto.

You may wonder, why are they so fat? In fact, they have a good digestion system unlike others. Whatever they intake as food, it is assimilated into their body without much trouble and makes them fat! They like to eat heavily. After a heavy meal, who doesn't want a comfortable space to take a nap? Well, that's why they love comfort very much, because every now and then, they love to eat and comfort is necessary for their digestion system to work.

Fatty people want comfort in everything they use. They 'live to eat'. They are easygoing persons. They love leisure. They are not strenuous workers. They never tend to hurry. The real thing they enjoy is frequent refreshment.
Romance, love and marriage
They have an affectionate nature and a pretty sweet disposition. They are pretty easy going and when quarrels arise, they are quick to forget them. So their married life becomes usually peaceful and enjoyable.

Best match for love and marriage
fat people - muscular people : Fat people are easy going and somewhat lazy or indolent in nature. Muscular people can compensate the easy going nature of fat people with some practical tint and make the path of marriage life more meaningful. 
fat people - ruddy people: Fat people's carelessness can be checked by ruddy people's speed and brilliance.
fat people - fat people: They have both a common nature, so harmonious marriage is expected.
fat people - dreamy people: The last choice is dreamy people.

They should never marry a bony person, because their nature us far from being similar.

Work and profession
Fat people are born businessmen. They can sell almost anything in the line of food, cloth or shelter, because they are pretty interested in them too. They are also suitable as foreman, supervisor, superintendent, manager and head of sales department. However they should avoid such professions which deal exclusively with ideas and books.

Generally, cooking, nursing, merchandizing of food and drink, cafe, hotel, restaurant, all the places related to eating and rest are the best suitable profession for them.

When fat as well as ruddy, they are best in merchandizing of artistic, novel and esthetic food, clothing, shelter, confectionary stores, clothing shops, fancy cars etc.

When fat as well as muscular, they are best in merchandizing potatoes, meat, daily necessities, clothing.

When fat as well as long cheek bones, they are best in merchandizing of farm, ranch, timber, lumber, hardware etc.

When fat as well as big head, they are best in production of food, clothing and shelter.


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