Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fate line arises from the mount of moon

If fate line arises from the mount of moon, as shown in the figure, then the person will earn money depending on other's help. He won't get success without other's help. He may earn money by winning people's mind. He has a very keen interest in business rather than doing a typical job. Sudden income from unknown source is possible. Usually he gets success at around 35 years age. An unknown person of opposite sex may help him unexpectedly, that will improve his condition.

At last, what I have seen from my experience, the persons having this type of fateline have an unsteady income source like business or jobs in insurance company, lawyer, sales representative etc. and most of them are well off. So I must say, to get success, this person must keep contact with peoples all the time while following the Dale Karnegi's theories of making friends!


  1. chances to go to foreign lands are also predicted with such fate line?

  2. I have same fate line and it also cuts by deep long travel line.what does that mean?

    1. It means its bullshit now stop watching your hand...and get your ass to work and make money rather than beliving in some stupid non-scientific things

  3. Mr venu it is non of your subject stop yours stupid words respect the faith then keep quit


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