Thursday, February 10, 2011

Simian lines on a palm

I have seen a great deal of interest on so called simian line. Since it has been an interesting line to have on the palm, so I think, I should discuss something solid and down  to earth info on it based on my study and experience.

What is simian line?

When there is only one line across the palm, as seen in the picture, then it is called a simian line. In fact it is a fusion of head line and heart line.

What does simian line mean?

greater concentration power: SUch person will exhibit great power of concentration, and if he concentrates his mind on any purpose or on any subject, he will engage himself in it whole heartedly. 

Head-strong nature: In fact this whole hearted engaging makes the person terribly head-strong and self-willed in all he does. He has little fear in any sense and this makes him a dangerous lover or husband to trifle with, because he will stop at nothing if once his blood is roused.

Prone to accidents: This person is literally dangerous to himself. He rushes blindly into the danger and usually meets with terrible accidents and injuries and very often suffer a violent death.

Famous persons having simian lines
Some celebrities like Hillary Clinton and Robert De Nero, Tonny Blaire, they all have simian lines. From their hands, you will see that this head-strong nature when combined with a good fate line and sun line will bring an amazing success in someone's career.

That means, to be a successful person in any field, you need a good fate line and a sun line. without them, you can stick to your aim, but success as well as recognition is almost a far cry though your efforts won't go in vain, because it will change your future path considerably and if that happens, you will certainly notice that your lines are changing. Isn't it amazing? Whenever you make efforts to start something new, maybe it's a business, a new relationship or a new career, a new habit or stop doing something old, you will notice that your lines are changing after the event. Isn't it amazing that we are still able to repair our path through our efforts? 


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