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Online Palm reading about marriage

Palm readings for serial number 026, 028, 029 and 030. Request of 027 has been dropped due to poor quality pictures, I couldn't read the lines. Anyway, I maintain this blog for the enthusiastic truth seekers, who can gain an insight in palmistry signs and then help themselves and others to stay in the right track. Here you will find, how to read palms easily, step by step guide and real life examples to get a whole idea about the palm lines. And for the practical examples of palm reading, I started this program of online palm reading, this is free:) Though only love and marriage related queries are dealt herein, other subjects like career, travel etc. are kept aside, because they require extra time and effort, for which you can contact me:)

Well, let's start.

Dear Sir/Ma'am:
I wish to get a reading for my hand. I am sending you the following details.
DOB: 23/11/1977
Attached picture of right hand.

Q1: Please let me know about my marriage life and when I would get married ?
Q2: Please do let me know when will I get an opportunity to go abroad ?
Q3: Will I get an opportunity for higher education abroad ?
Awaiting your response soon. I would really appreciate if you could give me a detailed reading and answer my questions on the above.
Thanks in advance,
1. Marriage line and Heart line are clean, so it is safe to conclude that marriage life is expected to go on happily. Your marriage line is at 33 years age, so your marriage is supposed to take place at around 33.

2. Naturally you will travel a lot, both short and long travels in home and abroad, though financial stress will remain a problem, but you will manage it somehow. It will be financially easier to travel after 35 years age.
3. About higher education, your brain is capable for it, and you have a very high chance to go to abroad, the only thing you will need is effort and preparation. so what are you waiting for? Go for it, bro:)

december 29, 1988
married life? marrying age? relationships that i will have in the future
better compatibility with whom?
These pictures are not what I want, at least not in this fashion. I want a picture where full palm including fingers are covered and of course, that should be of high resolution.
Whatever, just for this time, I am going to work with it.

At 25 years, you will fall in love, but later you will leave him, and choose another one. However 28 years will be most auspicious for your marriage.
You will notice that heart lines are curving downward below your index finger. It tells a strange fatality about love. Your love will almost always be misplaced or it will never be returned. Along with it, your heart lines are chained. It tells that your love and affection don't last long and somewhat flirting. If you can't tame your mind, it is very likely that you will be unhappy in married life.


Dear Brother,
     I came across your blog recently,Ur info and updates are very good.Thank You.
I have read few books on palmistry.I like my palm to be readed by you.
I have attached my right and left hand pics - quite many,sorry,just to make clear..
Well,I am right hander
DOB - 01-12-1988
Gender - Female
    Since you said only,questions related to love and marriage can be asked,
 my queries are,
      1.How my marriage life and husband would be ?
      2.When will it happen ?
Besides this I like to know about my career and spritual life too, but I know its too much to be asked..
       Thank You very much for your noble job..

 Will send the feedback for reading for sure..Looking forward..GOD Bless..

Thank You very much for your reply, sure i ll chk in your blog.. And I dont mind about the identity issues.. Thank You very much for your noble job.. GOD Bless..
1. Marriage lines at left hand are at 23 and 29 years age, on right hand at 32 years age. But the relationship at 32 will end in separation, so you should avoid that late marriage.
Heart line full of islands or chains
Heart line is made up of chains, it represents flirtation and inconstancy in your love nature. In other words your love or affection toward a person won't naturally last long. If you can't get rid of this nature and be sincere, you won't be happy in married life.

I wondered if I can get my palms read. My bithday is the 26/2/1987 and my question is: What my financial / career future holds and whether I'll find my soul mate and get married?
Your marriage lines are not visible in the picture, so I can't say when you will get married. But from your straight head line I can say you are practical about love and marriage and not impulsive and you really think about the future of a relationship beforehand.
Along with it, you have a straight heart line reaching between first and second fingers, that sign indicates a calm but deep love nature. you are capable of great sacrifice for love or affection.

So guys, that's what I have got for now. The next readings are coming soon. Please be patient and if you have any opinion, why don't put it in the comment box? Thank you for staying with me.


  1. Hello !
    I love your blog ! It is very interesting !
    Can I send you pictures of my palm so you can answer some of my questions ? It is free ?
    And what is your e-mail adress, please ?

    Thank you in advance !

    1. THough I know, you will have to wait for a year to get your serial processed, if you have patience, read this page for instructions:

    2. hi
      sir can i sout it through ur email add.?

    3. how do I get my palm read?

    4. my query is same

  2. It takes a year?!

  3. Excellent blog. You have covered almost all the palmistry books in one place.

    1. Very interesting. I would like to send my handphotos for reading. Can you provide your mail id. The lines in my both hands never match in anyway.. i was so curious to study them.. can you do that for me.

  4. I would advice you to learn more about palmistry, i guess you are beginer


  5. hi can i know my answer if i will ask as i have waited a lot of years for my love .......please as i am waiting 1- to 18 years for my love

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  11. i think the blog starter has stopped reading palms , otherwise he would have replied.
    i too want to send my palm pics , but as far as i can see there are no palm reading posts of year 2013 in this blog. sad :(

  12. Don't give up hope, folks. I am watching and observing and learning new things. Though the old free palm reading offer is gone, I will be writing soon again.

  13. dear sir,
    i m a regular visitor of your blog.almost i have studied all your kindly give your mail id so that i can get some suggestion about my life .my mail id is


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  15. could i have your email address? i would like you to request for palm reading of my hand.

  16. i would love a reading myself please?

  17. please email me for a free reading

  18. can anyone read my palm in free is please let me know I have the snap of my right and Left palm

  19. How can i send u my palm picture?

  20. how can you know about marriage time and how can I calculate it and which hand i must read ? thank you

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  22. how to send palm picture to reading ?
    can i get e-mail id


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