Tuesday, February 8, 2011

007. Love and marriage

Both your hands suggest that around 28-30 years age, there will be a terrible tragedy in the affections that will overwhelm you.If you fall in love or marry at that time, surely that won't bring a good result. So now you now it, I suggest that you should not involve in any kind of deep relationship or marriage before that age. Let the time pass by. It's  just like a deep ditch on your path, now if you carefully bypass it, the path after it will
be better. But remember that for a downward heart line,  it is almost certain that your love and affection will never be returned to you.

Your lines say that you had to spend your early time through some challenging situations (especially in financial matters ), that made you more practical and level headed especially regarding money and expenditure. and the more time will pass by, the more stronger your desire will be for money.

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Hi Sansayan, 

Thank you for your time and effort.I have some question to clarify. I am of 22 yrs of age, so does it means that it is better not to be involve in any relationship or marriage until after 30 yrs of age? or I can be in a relationship/marriage before the age of 28 yrs old? I am concerned, what if I enter a relationship/marriage after the age of 30 yrs old, will my relationship and marriage be successful?
And yes I did spend my early time through some challenging situations till now. My desire for more money is that in a good way? and will it be  a positive outcomes? 

Sorry to ask so many questions, but I really appreciate you taking your time to response to my questions.

Thanks and regards 

To avoid further implications, I would suggest not to involve in any deep relationship until 30 years age. After this age, a settled marriage will be better, because it will be difficult for you to choose the right partner and eventually choose a wrong guy. That's why I suggest a settled marriage after 30 years age and trust me, it will be peaceful because your heart line doesn't indicate any more trouble.

This is dangerous to have an earnest desire for money. Money required to live a decent life is beneficial, but when earning money becomes a passion, that becomes a problem. Your ambition for money as indicated by the rising end of the head line will be accentuated as time passes by. Better curb yourself until it is too late. You are very careful about planning something, it is also equally applicable in earning money, and this passion for money might make you plan something very nasty. Beware of it. 


  1. The person who sent that hand image Is exactly like someone I know!!

  2. Thank you Sansayan, for your answer. It did clarify my questions. I will take note of your advice. Thank you once again. Have a great day ahead.

  3. my heat line is downward probably wont marry I am about 24 age present

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  5. Dear Sansayan, please let me know the email id on which Ican send my plam shot for reading

  6. how can i send my hand pic to u .i want to know my mrg is love or arranged.i am in love problem ?

  7. Plz tell me the I.d on which I can send you my palm photo .


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