Sunday, March 3, 2013

Five human types: Find out your own

All types of work throughout our life can be classified under three distinct categories:

1.     work with people
2.     work with things

3.     work with ideas

We have different interests, different natures, different tendencies. Some of us are good at dealing with people, but not so good at handling things, machines and ideas. some of us are best at handling machines, things, but awkward in case of dealing with people and ideas. Some are best in ideas and plans, however, when comes the matter of handling of people or things, they become utterly useless. You should know for your own sake, what are the things that you are good at. We have a chance to get a success in a particular field, if we love to work in that field. We [naturally, not forcefully] love to work in that field, because that's what we are interested in and when interest is there, you won't be tired of doing that type of work. Naturally you will be an expert on your field. There are signs on your fingers and hands, that tells which you are inclined to, and which you are built for. when you will find the right type of work, there you will find yourself, the most successful you out of yourself. That's why you will need to know which type you fall in. We will know it simply by looking at our  fingers! It's an unbelievable fact that our own fingers demonstrate what we are built for. After all, it is the fingers with which we do all our works! what else do you think prove your type than these fingers? So, let's start to know ourselves by observing our hands and fingers. Shall we?

I am going to present you the basic checklists to know for yourself which category you belong to.

See the following checklist. Examine which features you have. You may have more than one feature. Then obviously you are a mixed type person, like the most of us.
1. round fat fingers, joints are sunken => fat people - easy going

Fat hand with sunken joints, round fingers

2. pointed hands, pointed fingers           => florid people - impulsive
[The above picture shows pointed fingers too.]

3. square palm, square nail                     => muscular people - practical

4. knotty finger, bulging joints               => bony people - slow and steady

knotty fingers indicate bony nature

5. straight outlined, smooth fingers       => Mental people - dreamy
Hand type indicates inborn nature. If you have the above characteristics, then you have more or less the characteristics of the indicated type. For example you may have pointed hand, square palm, and thin back of hands, having veins visible.

Pointed hand represents ruddy people having impulsive nature. Square palm represents muscled people having a practical nature. Thin back of hands with visibility of vein represents more or less dreamy nature. Thus you are a mixed type being impulsive and dreamy as well as impulsive only for the practical issues, not for the fantasy or impractical ideas.

I think, you have got the idea of mixed nature. I hope, you will be able to find out your own type, thereby making out the best of you.In the next posts, I will describe their nature, their love and marriage, the professions that best suiting for their nature for more success. Hope you will find it helpful to understand yourself.

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