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I would like to know when my marriage happens

Here I am working on three requests: 022, 023 and 024. 025 would have been included, but his palm pictures were not clear enough to say anything worthy.

 First is 022. He says :

Hi Sir,
I would like to know when my marriage happens
My DOB 11-october-1980.
Please let me know sir.

If you examine his marriage lines closely, you will see that the longest and deepest marriage line lies at the upper side, which when measured, gives an idea of late marriage at around 35 years age, but as there is a line from the base of the little finger cuts through the marriage line, the marriage is likely to face some troubles and only his unwavering determination will be able to overcome that trouble. But since there will be trouble, so logically there are a few ways to avoid this situation. He can marry 3 or 4 years before this age and thereby his destiny will be changed by this step. But to choose someone as his wife, he should depend on parents or guardians, because he is very likely to choose a wrong person to become his wife!

023 says:

Date of Birth 30/06/1990

My questions
related to love and marriage life are-

Will I have peaceful love and marriage?

Is there any struggling in my life?

At what age will I get married?

Marriage lines at around 16 and 27/28 years age. But a strong influence line joining the fate line nearly at 27 years age, so marriage will happen at that time, and I can guarantee, it will be a romantic union, because the influence line is coming from mount of moon, though  separation is destined as the marriage line splits at the end.

 024 says:
Hi! I was just wondering if you could give me an analysis? I'm very curious about palmistry and I just wanted to know if you could see anything on my hand (love, marriage, health, etc?)

My DOB is July 8 1994 and I mostly write with my left hand.

Thanks so much!
Her right hand photo is quite incomplete, as marriage lines are not visible, but her marriage lines at left hand are at around 17, 25 and 35 years age.
 Influence lines on venus suggesting that she is largely emotional and passionate and cannot live without love and she will have many affairs at the same time. She will come in close contact with many persons in her whole life.
As there are many descending lines from heart line, It will be difficult for her to find a peaceful married life.

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  1. 023 speaks -
    Is there any way to prevent the separation?
    Beacause i don't want to be seperated

  2. Just pray. Not to gods, but whenever you save life of others, donate to a charity or to the poor or do something good, at that time, pray- By this merit, may we live together for the whole life. Continue doing good deeds and continue praying, surely lines will change, that means destiny will change. No other talisman or other jewels are required for this.

  3. Hi, would like to know where to send my palm pictures to for an analysis? e-mail?


  4. But wat if there is any break in d heart line below ring finger..wat does dat mean??And wat does it mean when there are two lines out of which main strong marriage line is situated 9 divisions or 8.5 divisions in btw line of heart and below mount of mercury and if there is a line running just a little above the marriage starts a bit ahead of it...and from below marriage line starts..And also there is one more line which is at 14 divisions which is comparitively smaller than he main marriage line...pls tell me when will my marriage take place and how it wud be..

    1. Hi, I read your query. If there is a break in your heart line under ring finger, it means that you will break up with your lover owing to your own pride . You didn't mention if ,after the break in the line, both the portions overlap each other. so it is not possible to predict if you would be able to reunite with your lover. And, any line above the strong marriage line always indicates special affection for someone else than your husband. If the second line is strongly marked ( but not as strong as the first line), then it is almost a clearcut indication of an extramarital affair. Though the line of heart and the line of fate should also be carefully examined. It should also be noticed if any line is coming from the second phalanx of thumb or not. but today when extramarital affairs are on the rise in the society, this second strongly marked line above the main marriage line is very frequently found.

    2. dear rasmi,there is break in head line indication abt misfortune abt your love. that means break in love or affairs.Divisions of 9.5 and 8.5 indicates at 27 or at 25 u would get closure with some one.if that line is deep,long and uncut along with clear heartline ,u would enjoy a good married life.another line situated at 14 that means if somehow ur marriage did not happen at 27 u still a chance to have married at 41...look, lines between mercury and heart itself indicates abt affairs, love and romance..the long one presumed to marriage line...other lines shows affairs at that age but they are not converted into marrige.

  5. are u still offering the free reading offer????

  6. i sent a mail just few days ago with the pictues of my hands i got no reply till now

    1. I sent an email too, and I didn't get any reply either... Can I ask you if you got any reply since you wrote this? At least about the time it will take until it's ready or so? Thank you in advance.

    2. can you please provide me mail id where you have sent the palm images my iid is

  7. I also sent you an email a few days ago, and I didn't get a reply until now either. I read a coment above saying that would take a year to get a reading?! Is that really true?!!! I totaly understand that it might take a while... but a year?!

  8. I would like to know "When I will get married"
    How to ask and on which email to send the scanned picture of hand?

  9. calculations are 19 and 12.5
    what is the marriage age

  10. Hello where do I send a picture of my palm to be read if you can't read can you recommend someone please. Which palm should I send left or right thanks.

  11. What's email address where I can send picture and info

  12. Hi Blogger,

    Do you really give free readings? If you do so, will you be able to say of which hand do you need? I am a left hand writer and would you be able to say your email id. :)
    Thanks :)

    1. Hello there,
      Don't hope much in free readings:) If you really really badly want it, then what can I say? There is a link "send your hand" below the heading of the page. Go to the page, Read the instructions and shoot me an email if you happen to manage all the hassles of scanning your hands. Good luck.

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