Saturday, October 30, 2010

Determine your governing star

Palmistry is not an easy thing as far as I have seen it for so many years. There are mysteries in its every twist, secrets that are hidden like treasures of pirates burried in an unknown location which only an expert and adventurous treasure hunter can find out. A little bit literature, ha ha ha.
Ok, here we go. This post is about mounts. You know there are nine mounts on our palm that represent nine stars acting upon us, treacherously shaping our character and behavior. But not all these mounts are equally favorable or unfavorable to a person. If favorable mounts are greater in number, then logically the person will face less trouble because most of the stars are acting in favor of him. But if it happens vice versa, that is, the unfavorable mounts are greater in number, then the person should face more troubles, life should be very difficult for him.
However, as I have seen, it matters little to a person. The stars and their mounts just give us an idea, which profession should we take or which field should be favorable to us. It is the governing star that matters most. The governing star builds up your character and primarily responsible for your ups and downs. But it doesn't necessarily determine whether the persons will face more or less obstacles in his/her early life.

But when from palm lines, you see that the person is likely to face some troubles, then now it's the no. of favorable stars that matters most. If they are greater in no., they will rescind the unfavorable effects. In fact, if the no. of good stars are greater in number, they will never let you down in serious troubles.

So I suggest the following steps to know about your character and overall nature.
1. Determine your governing star by your original birth date. Follow this link to see the chart of governing stars.
2. Now see the mount of that star. If that is favorable, then surely you have a good chance of a happy life. howver if that is unfavorable and crisscrossed, or dotted then that is an alarming sign. It is time then to mend yourself.

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