Thursday, October 7, 2010

My experience: Palmistry Prediction on grandpa's death

About ten years ago, I used to spend my leisure time reading palmistry books. Wherever I went, I took a book of palmistry as my company. Whenever I got a chance, I looked at the hands (especially at the palms) of the people and tried to figure out what their lines meant to be.

One day, I went to visit my old grandpa, who was lying on a bed. He broke his thigh bone from falling down on the slippy bathroom floor and couldn't sit or stand alone. The old bone was badly fragmented and this injury took him nearly to death. Everyone said to me in private that grandpa would die very soon. So I took his palm and measured his life line. It was a long and deep line, the end of which was cut by another short line. But there was a marshal line along the side of life line which certainly told me that grandpa would survive this time. Though all the people were sure that he was going to die, I proclaimed there that grandpa wouldn't die soon. He should live a couple of years more. My uncle and aunt didn't believe me, others too. But my prediction became right. Grandpa survived at that time and lived three more years though his wound never healed fully. 

This incident shows me that if the analysis of palm lines is correct, then the result or prediction should also be correct. It still inspires me to carry on my practice on palmistry.


  1. Hi..i found this site very interesting..i have readed almost all i have some inclination towards occult sc.

    Well nowadays my life is not smooth enough..recently i loose my job..and currently i m preparing for MBA exams this year..can u help me with this..i need some suggestions about my life ... how can i send u my details.. thanks in adv

  2. Send your palm pictures at
    Don't worry. I will help you as far as I can.

  3. just linked this article on my Facebook account. it’s a very interesting article for all.



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