Monday, October 11, 2010

A brief palm analysis

Recently I am residing in a hostel and it's my good luck (!) that I have got enough students here to carry on my research on palmistry. Here are the palm pictures of Priyangkur, one of the students residing in the hostel. First I took his palm pictures in a digital camera and analyzed the palm lines. Then I wrote down the result briefly on a piece of paper. I found the following results worthy to mention:
Left Hand
Right Hand

1. He is short tempered. 100% correct
Explanation: His head lines connected to the mount of Primary Mars at the origin will make him very short tempered. The end of head lines is bent a little downward towards the mount of Moon, that will reduce this short temperament and make him mild a little but not much.

2. He is careful about money and has a mind for saving money. 50% correct
 Explanation: Head line is the key to understand this matter. Left head line gives the hint that he is inherently emotional and imaginative, unrealistic about money. He would buy anything that he liked. Right head line is a little bent upward, giving the hint that now he is restrained in spending money and he now nurtures a tendency towards saving. The ultimate result? He is not 100% saver!

3. He was very imaginative in nature in his early age, but now the pressing conditions have made him realistic. 100% correct
Explanation: This prediction also lies on the above explanation. As his two head lines are not same, that means his inherent poetic tendencies have not been flourished and obstructed most probably due to some pressing conditions, that made him to think about the reality rather than fantasy.

4. He had to suffer from serious financial crisis in his early school age (he is in college now). (100% wrong!)
This time I was totally wrong. He told me that he had not suffered any serious financial crisis. I analyzed his palm again trying to understand what my fault could be. I realized that though there were pressing conditions, but it was not so severe due to favorable mounts on his palm. You should see that all his mounts are neat and clean without any cross or net that impart good favor upon him and prevented him from any severe problem. Surely this favor will be with him throughout the rest of his life. So dont forget about mounts! 

5. He has a keen interest in knowing things especially towards mysteries. (100% correct)
Why I told it? Because there was a sign of solomon ring under his index finger. It also indicates that the person will be an scholar in various fields, and have a deep knowledge on various subjects.

6. He is broad minded, doesn't misunderstand others. (100% correct)
You will easily notice that his heart line on both hands is deep and ended between index and middle finger. You know, the more the heart line extends towards index finger, the more he becomes broad minded and he can be very reliable friend.

7. He has been trying to earn money since his early age, though the rewards are little. (100% correct)
The logic behind this prediction lies on the fate line. You can see a weak fate line originating from the mount of moon. This type of fate line indicates that the person tried to earn or establish something. The deeper the fate line at that time, the more efficacious the efforts could be.

So all the secrets behind the scenes I have spilled out here. If you can make some benefits from this explanation, I will be glad to know it!

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