Wednesday, January 19, 2011

006 Cross on Apollo or Sun mount

A cross on sun line is an unfortunate sign, it denotes difficulties and annoyance, but only relating to one's name and position.

Though you have only one point to ask, but I would like to say some more about what I see on your hand.
You have lots of lines on your palm making your life turbulent. Your head line is split in two branches at the end, indicating your irresolute nature. You must try to overcome such vacillation in order to bring your dreams into reality.

You have multiple lines on your Apollo mount, indicating multiple fields of interest. But this is a very good sign to have clearly visible lines coming down from Apollo mount, indicating a sign of name and fame and it starts to work even from childhood. It also indicates a recognition in every stage of your life, including study and work field. Your talent and work won't go unnoticed, rather they will be recognized by all. Though other crossing lines will often bar you, but eventually you will continue to be successful if you stick to your work.



  1. thank you very much. i was really worried about that cross, i thought it meant that no matter how hard i tried to be successful it would only lead to disappointment.
    i'm glad to hear that it's something that i can overcome.

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  2. =D THIS IS AWEMAZING STUFF!! ^^ I'm glad i found this blog D= and good luck juliet. Remember. its not your palm who controls your destiny~! its you ^^. I promise to read every post you make from now on~!

  3. Dear Sir

    I got to visit your website and I appreciate your Analysis. Here I have attached my left & right hands. In my left hand I can see very deep Sun line with broken fate line and in my right hand it's vice versa (thick Fate line but with broken unclear Sun line). Could you please throw some light on this?
    I have mentioned the below link

    Thanks in advance for your time


  4. I need to know what's in my destiny , how can I paste my palm photo over here ?

  5. what does cross inside a kite like structure on apollo mount mean?


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