Monday, March 21, 2011

010 love and marriage


Right Hand

i'm right handed.

can you tell me when i'm going to get married and is it possible to tell he anything about what he's like?
if there's anything else you can tell me, it will be greatly appreciated.
if it's anything bad please don't tell me. as you can see i have many lines little lines on my hand which indicates that i get stressed out very easily and i worry alot.
thank you
Sorry for being a little (!) late to answer. Your lines are a little complex to read, it is very possible that you yourself are also the same kind of unpredictable nature! Anyway, your marriage lines appear on around 25 and 31 years age. So that means you will get involved in deep relationships (like marriage) in those ages. Be sure to know that marriage lines don't guarantee for marriage.

 I am not going to tell other things about marriage, because you urged not to tell bad things. And there are also pretty good things about your life and career, though this free offer is only valid for love and marriage.  Good day.


  1. Hi, can you tell me from this palm print what is the line running up to the little finger ,then it has lots of crosses next to the fate line what does that mean for him

  2. look at the star on mount jupiter, its clear.. good career , fame, music etc
    I think his bad presented line of head is really interfering with almost all good characteristics apeared. a star at the end of head line.. he is very anxious man

  3. thanks for the comments.
    the photo above is actually my hand and i'm female.

  4. star on the mount jupitar,tell us that ur mrg life will b well off u r in successful with ur realation ship and u get stress much more that is why u can't feel peace in ur life u will b a lot of travels inculded abroad trip bt someone want that u can't any thing good so tht u r not success ful in ur life bt u r not good lover and live in imagine life mostly

  5. juliet hai,...good luck to you. i am happy with u all here.


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