Friday, October 14, 2011

what do u see in my palm?

This is for you, 019. As you have requested to have a look at your palm lines for an inquiry regarding love and marriage, here I am at your service:)
Left hand
Right hand

Marriage lines are not clearly visible, I can only figure out three tiny marriage lines, that means-
1.       love, I mean true love will come in your life at least for three times and now it's up to you whether you will give it a chance or not. But the exact time, I cannot tell, because, your lines are pretty tiny and hard to measure in a scale:)
So I am depending on heart line and head line. Your heart line reaches under index finger, indicating that-
2.       you are trustworthy in love and affection.
But there are some descending lines on heart line, suggesting that-
3.        you are likely to face some unpleasant things of your beloved persons and thereby getting hurt mentally.
 However a straight head line suggests that-
4.       you are making yourself somewhat practical and if you try a little bit, you can ignore those small unpleasant facts and I am sure, it will bring peace in your love and romance.
Have a happy love and marriage!

Note: you will notice that on left hand, head line and life line joined in the beginning; but on your right hand, head line and life line are apart. Why is that difference?

It's the impact of change of lifestyle. Joined lines on left hand means you were cautious and nervous inherently. But the childhood atmosphere made you strong enough so that now you have developed your mentality in a way, now you can make your own choice and become more confident than ever. It is a very good quality for the battlefield of life. I am sure, your talent alone can make a path among the crowd, where others are still awaiting for their luck to help them. Best wishes to you.


  1. Thank you very much for the reading. You are correct about everything that you said! I have had 2 prior relationships that have led to appointment's. Both of the females did love me but I was not ready to commit.
    I was brought up very close knit to my family and have developed a independent outlook and have been able to separate myself from my family emotionally.

    I try to be as practical as possible in all things in life.

    thanks again. you are a great reader!

    I have another question. What do you see in my career.

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