Friday, March 12, 2010

Love life and Venus mount

Usually we see that some men are more popular to girls. It seems that girls find these men more attractive and handsome, though most often we, the other persons see nothing attractive in them. So what is the chemistry behind this fact? Well, if we see from the palmistry point of view, we find that these persons have a vast and influential mount of venus

The higher and fleshier the venus mount, the more successful will be the person in attracting the persons of opposite sex. Venus mount is very important factor for love, romance and relationship. If it is in good condition, no cross, dot or net sign on it, then it is a very good sign for love and romance. He/She will be sexy and attractive to the persons of opposite sex. Obviously s/he may have more relationships.

The venus mount should be soft and fleshy. It is a sign of success and good luck in love and romance. But if it feels hard, then it will be difficult to get love!

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