Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Net on mount of venus

Small venus lines represent loves. Now, this love can be unexposed and secretly nurtured within the person's mind, or it may be actual romantic relationship. We can easily find this out by dint of head line. 
If the head line is bending towards moon mount, it makes the person imaginative. Along with it, if the head line and life line start together, then it makes the person timid in expressing his love. Along with it, if Jupiter mount is higher, often a rectangle in it, then surely it will make him pious and religiously conservative, so that he will not dare to be exposed in being engaged in a romantic relationship. Otherwise, the venus lines truly represent actual intimate relationships. 
When there are lines on venus mount crisscrossing each other to form a net, then there will be troubles and worries from love, secret love and adultery. It most often indicates that the person is used to masturbate! 

To mitigate the bad effect of venus lines, there should be good jupiter mount and a marshal line.

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