Monday, March 22, 2010

An observation on five fingers on a person's hand: Key to understand a person's attitude

We use our hands and fingers in almost all kinds of work. But do you know that this very familiar hands represent the basic signs of a person's character and attitude?

In our daily life, we meet lots of people. Sometimes situation arises where right person is required to control the situation, or there might be some financial matters for which you wish you could know on which person to rely, or simply you wish to know if the person you met is telling the truth. Well, really I think, in this case, palmistry or hand analysis is a great tool for a person who wishes to know the character or attitude of other persons.

Most often I see that people have fingers look short and stumpy. Usually it indicates lack of true intellectuality. They are not suitable in works requiring intelligence and higher mentality- no matter how much they might represent their superiority. Also these fingers indicate that the person has not inherited noble intellectual line of ancestors. However I myself have these short fingers though they are not stumpy rather thin, and artistic, meaning that I am more interested in arts, music, literature, movies etc. I would love to be an intellectual person but this sign tells me that I can't afford such mind!

The fingers of equal length with palm represent a more cultured person. He has inherited a noble intellectual line of ancestors and he is dependable in works requiring intelligence and higher mentality.

The longer and thin fingers on the palm represent a person who is very much idealistic. He is not suitable to run the practical world. He is just not right in managing a work group or business that requires practicality. But he is very suitable in his own mental work- like research, science, philosophy, literature and educational work where it requires higher qualities of mind. If the finger joints are large and much prominent, then he will be more suitable in philosophical work and in concentration of mind. He can be a master of meditation! But if the finger joints are smooth, then he will be visionary and artistic in nature. He would be suited in artistic work like art, drawing, painting, making designs and models,  but could not be trusted anything requiring details, in science and research and he will be utterly useless in a position where discipline or control of others is required.

Let us consider the fingers separately. The index finger represents leadership and ambition. If it is unusually long and almost equal to the middle finger, all these tendencies are extremely amplified within the person’s character. This person can be safely entrusted for control of a group of people. But if this finger is long and crooked, then surely he has a crooked ambition and he will do anything, I mean anything to fulfill his desire.

The middle finger is the longest one in most of the hands. If it is straight, the person can be safely entrusted for giving any task to do, even for any financial matter, you can rely on him truly, because he is very serious in his responsibilities. But a crooked middle finger represents a very crooked fate. In palmistry books, it has been said that they become the innocent victim of the circumstances, over which they have no control.

The ring finger represents glory, popularity, publicity, name and fame and so on. If this finger is extraordinarily long, almost equal to the middle finger, then the desire for glory and popularity is intensified within a person. Though it is usual in the hand of celebrities, but it is undesirable in the hands of your personal assistant or a family lawyer. If this finger is crooked, then all his tendency of showing himself will be amplified, the spending of money will be noticed more clearly and a tendency in gambling will be noticed very easily. That’s why he should not be trusted to hold a position in handling money.

The little finger represents control on language and wit. If this finger is straight and long, the person will be very adept in using language and words cunningly. The gift of eloquence and flow of language is valuable for orators and public persons, but not desirable for a wife whose husband is fond of sleep.

The shorter this little finger, the more timid and reserved they are in the presence of strangers. Such persons find great difficulty in expressing what they want to say, but they can write better and they should practice writing rather than speaking. A short and crooked little finger intensifies these tendencies more accurately.

If this little finger is crooked but long, the person will use his eloquence in a crooked way. They will make up any fairy tale for their purpose and supposed to be a born liar.

The index finger and ring finger should be equal, that will be the best sign, representing a balanced mind.

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