Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mercury as a governing star: Love and marriage

If you are born within 22nd May to 21st June (Gemini) or 22nd August to 23rd September (Sagittarius), your governing star is Mercury. Mercury shapes your nature. You appear naive and simple, but it is your outer shell. Your inner shell consists of some shrewd and intricate thoughts. You have a good sense of humor. So lots of people become attracted to you. 
You can easily win the heart of people and that's why love and friendship are very easy to establish for them. You have many boy and girlfriends. But you suffer from double minded attitude. Therefore, you can easily like someone, and also hate that person at the same time. 
This double minded nature also prevails in the case of love and friendship. That's why long term love and friendship is a little bit rare to them.

Favorable Mercury Mount
It bestows sharp intelligence and wit, prosperity, success in love and marriage, intellectual success and thereby earning huge amount of money.
A good mercury line is excellent for business. It also favors owning a house, financial help, a good income through intelligence and wit.

Unfavorable Mercury Mount
1. Dot on the mercury mount: The person has a knack for cheating and trickery. So will be he in love and friendship, thus marriage and romantic relationship will be troublesome.
2. Cross on the mercury mount: Mental fickleness, lack of confidence, epilepsy, loss due to own faults, parting from beloved friends, married life might be full of turbulence.
3. Net on the mercury mount: It strengthens the above adverse effects.
4. Flat mercury mount also exhibits such evil consequences.

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