Sunday, November 7, 2010

Secondary Mars as a governing star: Love and Marriage

If your birthday lies between 21th March to 21th April (Aries)and 24th October to 23rth November (Scorpio), then you are governed by Secondary Mars, or simply Mars. If its mount appears higher, clean without any cross, dot, island sign etc. then the governing star is considered as favorable. It bestows courage, spirit, talent, righteousness, etc. to your character.

Unfavorable Secondary Mars
If this mount appears flat or it consists of dot, cross, net or island sign, then it is a very bad sign for love and marriage and married life will be full of troubles. It indicates adultery and wickedness of the spouse, resulting in a very quarrelsome and troublesome married life. Unfavorable secondary mars means death by accident.

From my own experience it is evident that when the plain of Mars is full of many astray lines crossing life line, head line and fate line(see the picture), the life becomes very turbulent as if it were a chaotic never ending journey. The person often falls in property-related troubles.

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