Thursday, November 11, 2010

Venus as a governing star in love and marriage

If you are born within 22nd April to 21st May(Taurus sign) or from 24th September to 23rd October (Libra sign), your governing star is Venus and its mount should be in favorable condition on your palm. The Venus is responsible for affection, love, romance and happy marriage.

A good venus mount makes the person influential over many people for a good looking appearance and modest manner. It also gives a happy married life. love and romance will be successful for him.

But a bad venus mount hinders in love and married life. A cross on this mount indicates an unhappy relationship. A net on it is a very bad sign. He will be tricked by many treacherous women. Loss of money, sexual diseases, mental illness etc. are very likely to happen.


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  2. what if a women has these net lines in her hand??


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