Wednesday, January 19, 2011

005 Palmistry Analysis

Your heart line is bending downward under index finger. That means you will always be hurt mentally in case of love and affection.

Your life line indicates a good health.
Your marriage will be at 30 years age.
Your fate line remains strong upto head line. After that it is vanished. That means after 35 years age, your income will plunge down due to your own unwise and impractical decision. You will try hard to improve the things, but nothing will be the same as before.
I suggest you to be practical in thoughts and work.
Regards and best wishes


  1. The time-line:
    I see that you have adopted different ways to predict the time of event. One was from the apex point by drawing lines from Bracelet, Middle Finger and Thumb center. The other was from near the root of the thumb. The third was mount of Venus.
    Also I saw another method for predicting the age of marriage, counting from the Heart line.
    Can you please explain, if there are different ways ways for age for different lines.
    If there is a dedicated chapter only for predicting time-line on the various lines, that would be fantastic.
    Also, I read about a saint who was able to predict the Date of Birth by looking at the palms. Can you please guide more on this.
    Thank you very much.

  2. I am considering to spend more time on improving the site. But you will have to wait for it.

    And for predicting the time of events, Cheiro, the famous palmist established the processes to measure the time and I am employing it as I have found the system is pretty simple but handy for accurate predictions, especially in case of marriage.


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