Monday, January 17, 2011

004. Palmistry result on career, love, marriage and wealth

Sir i want to know when will i get job i m 27 years now and a aircraft engineer. Want to know how will be aviation field for me. When will i get married  and my future financial condition. Sending left hand print on second mail.

Look, you have a good sun line arising from fate line at around 28 years age, it indicates a sure success in your career what you have adopted in, but it will come through your personal effort. It indicates that around 28 years age, you will get that opportunity.

You won't be successful in love and affection. 25 years age is important for marriage. However it seems that 28 years age will be eventful to you, and you will meet someone, very probably a person of opposite sex who will impose a great influence over you.

Don't worry about financial condition. Both fate line and sun line are promising you money and fame. At least you can hope to be a wealthy person, that I can say.Just wait till you become 30 years old. You will see, money will begin to fill your account, it is what your lines are saying!!

Finally, you will live far away from home after 60 years age until the last day of your life. Please, remember that I deserve a feedback.

Regards and best wishes,
Sansayan Chakma


  1. i have a horizontal line in sun line... wt does it tell?

  2. this is full of shit!

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