Monday, January 3, 2011

002.Marriage and downward lines from heart line

Dear E,
Your heart line has so many downward lines indicating that married life won't be peaceful. Along with it, the mercury mount is full of net which will badly affect your marriage and married life. That's why though a marriage line appears at 28 years age, that marriage won't turn into a good one and you won't be happy in a long term love or relationship.

You are thinking about divorce, but I can say, you won't need it. Your married life can be a disaster, but I don't think you will run into a divorce for it. In fact, you will be always unhappy in case of love and affection, that is how you are destined. I think, you have already been seeing it a lot in your life. That's why I will suggest you to accept it and let not involve in a serious relationship or expect anything from others because that will hurt you when your expectations won't meet.

You have a very poor fate line, which I won't consider a good one. So I shall say, you will face lots of discouraging situations throughout your life and career, but you must struggle hard to overcome all the obstacles. Due to weak fate line, luck won't be so favorable to you, but you should try hard.

Please forgive me if I am a little rude, but I can't say anything more than what your palm line promises.

With an apology,
Sansayan Chakma
Dear Sansayan, 

Thank you so much for for reading my palm. Althogh you didn't have nice things to say and as much as it hurts I guess thats what I am destined to; and you are telling me what you see and I appreciate that. Although you gave some details; I have a question in reards to my marriage. You said you see a marriage at the age of 28, however I am currenly married for 5 year. I got married when I was 21 years old on Jul/2005. And you are right my marriage did not turn into a good one, I was not happy... We got seperated several times. We are currenly separated again for 7 months...Do you see us getting a divorce or will get get back together again. How many children do yo see? Is it my fault that my marriage is not working? To be honest I do not want to get a divorce... what can I do to work things out? Do you see a second marriage, will I be happy if get married again? As far as wealth am I going to have a poor life or am I going to be wealthy? I really appreciate you for reading my palm and giving me advice. 

Once again Thank you very much

Dear readers, you see from above feedback that I failed miserably in predicting the age of marriage accurately. The problem is, I forgot the rule that to give a prediction, you must examine both hands. I examined only right hand! Yes, it was my great mistake for which I beg your pardon. Now, in the left hand there are really two marriage lines at 21 and 30 years age.
One another thing to remember that for girls, priority should be given on left hand marriage lines, whereas for guys, it should be on their right hand.


  1. :3 everyone makes mistakes~! Don't feel so bad. You just made a simple mistake ;) hopefully the person forgave you. ^_^ expect a request for getting my palm read soon!


  3. How do I go about getting a reading please? Michelle


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