Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Palm reading example

Mr. Susanta asked for a palm reading. So Let's go, have a look on his palm.

i want to know about higher studies ,job,money and wealth,wife,family
relation,foregin travel.
Higher Study: Good head line along with good sun line, so reputation as a good student, and higher study is easily possible.

Job: A fate line from wrist, so you will look for and get a good job, but there is another fate line, so there you will think of your own business, especially after 30 years age.

Money and wealth: In average, good financial condition, income from two sources after 35 years age, and very good wealth and fame after 56 years age.

Wife and marriage: Marriage will be from a wealthy family. Relation before 25 years age is not favorable. Relation at 30 years age will be successful from all aspects, though a little trouble is expectable.

Foreign travel: If he wishes, he may be successful in going abroad even at earlier time.

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