Thursday, January 7, 2010

Palmistry reading of hand lines Career and Marriage

Mr. Kumar has asked a reading of his palm lines. So let's have a look.

a) which career do i pursue - Job or business
Don't lose the business, it will give you money till 56 years age, along with it, you can earn from both your business and your career related job, because there are two fate lines. Luck won't be favorable in job, so you will need to work hard. and I suggest you must concentrate on your business. Though it was in a bad condition, now the line is good and I think it is the time for reviving it.
b) I face lot of hurdles in what ever i plan, why is it so.
Your fate line is responsible for bringing obstacles in and making the earnings unsteady. But it also helped you to make a good living and now it is growing weak that means you will need to work harder than before for a good earning and as your sun line is becoming stronger, so you are becoming a reputed person day by day.
c) I am having trouble with my marriage.
More or less, it will remain in the family. You should make up your mind to accept the reality.
d) Money does not stay in my hands now.
As I said before, fate is not favoring you, so you must work hard to overcome the obstacles. Sun line is ok, so you won't go down much, don't worry.
e) Any suggestion is welcome.
Health is ok, so try both job and business, this is not my personal opinion, rather your lines are indicating it. I have met a person, whose fate line ended at around 50 years age, but he had lots of wealth, why? Because he worked hard, fate had to make his reward. I now firmly believe we can change our fate and condition, just through improving ourselves and working hard in our own fields. I hope you will overcome your bad time soon. Good luck.


  1. thanks for the reading, i really wanted it to decide my future. Was in both minds , and this will defintely help in taking a new direction. Efoorts are there in the right direction.

    Thanks a ton.

  2. How would you interpret the line which is under the index finger? It's at a diagonal and ends between the Jupiter and Saturn fingers?

  3. Is it free ... can I upload pic of my hand... n can someone help me?

  4. if u r really in a distress, then write at


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