Friday, January 1, 2010

Girdle of Venus

Look at the pic. It has a good girdle of venus on the right hand. So art and literature will be very promising fields for him, also a good head line bending downward indicating that he likes to imagine a lot, and along with it there is sun line, that's all good, so his future is indicated in art and literature, writing etc. and that will be the most favorable thing for him.

But before all, you must consider his life line, because you know, health is wealth. He has a short life line but don't worry about that because there are other marshal lines parallel to it. However I must suggest he should change his living place, go to a healthy environment, change his food habit, somehow he should try to manage it, because he will need to recover his health before anything he does. And I have seen lots of persons who had short life line, but they changed their living place and standard and now they are healthy, their life line is longer!
Hope this will help a little. Happy New year.

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