Saturday, January 9, 2010

Palm reading for higher study

Mr. Irfan has requested to clarify some of his points. So here we go.

I have some question about predictions that you have made for me
Q1 : when my income will be steady?
You will have trouble financially from 26-35 years age, because at that age, your fate line is faint and then your income will be good after 35 years age. Though it doesn't promise you to be a millionaire, but it is certain that you will earn enough to keep yourself solvent. But hard work will be really really necessary.

Q2: where the traveling line has indicated?
There is no travel line, if I said there was, then I might have misinterpreted it, I m sorry!

Q4 in your predictions you tell me that there is no higher level education what is it mean? Is you mean, that I can not go for  study to aborad?
I have no right to discourage you, but see, higher education requires academically strong mind, capability of grasping the theories and analyzing it, presenting it and employing them to solve various theoretical and practical problems, that  requires a long and deep as well as straight head line, but you see, you have a head line with islands, crosses, it bent downwards, making you very imaginative and so lack of concentration on your study, moreover, heart line and head line formed into a single line, making you very sensitive to emotional matters and most of the time you will give preference to what your heart says, not what reality or logic says, that's why I told you higher study is probably not possible. But yes, if you make up your mind, make efforts to overcome your imaginative nature, concentrate on your study, then surely you can do well in higher study, in that case, your head line will change into a new line. If you want proof, change your attitude from now on. You will be better. Good luck.

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