Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Palmistry to know the future

 Mr. Santosh asked a few questions regarding palm reading. They are really intriguing and they have made me to view the things from a different point of view. Here are a few of his questions.

3.    Did my fate line and sun line is good or bad?
Fate line is good, so a job or steady income source is favorable. Sun line is good. Honor and reputation is getting better after 56 years age.

4.    Which profession was best for my carrier ( art, business, teaching… etc  which is suit for me for the best future) ?
Teaching. Here I am telling it why. A person should choose such a profession where he will find himself comfortable and it should be matched with his character. Now from his hands, I can see, he is thoughtful, an avid reader of novels and fictions, interested in religions, practices, head line will make him imaginative, so a tense working atmosphere will surely not suitable for him. It will hinder his natural workability. That's why avoiding business or art, I would suggest teaching, a more peaceful and romantic profession for the thinkers.

5.    Did I win this life? Please predict..
Yes! I can call you a winner, if you forget the love and relationship. I couldn't find any marriage line on both of your hands! So I wonder if you ever wished to marry someone! Really weird! And my congratulations! I am interested about your view of life.

7.    Which type of hand is mine?
Philosophic hand will make you interested in science, religion, various branches of knowledge. It will make you curious, thoughtful and of course a bending head line will make you imaginative along with it a line in Jupiter will make you studious and ambitious.

8.    Sun line is like a fork in my hand.. What it indicate..?
That means you are a subject of talk among the people in your locality.

10.   There is line started from moon mount and jointed with fate line..  is it good ?
Usually it indicates a travel in abroad or earning from abroad (It indicates at around 25 years age). Along with it a travel line makes it more possible to get a long travel at that age and be financially good at that age.

14.   My marriage is not yet happened.. did it happened in this life?  Did it a love marriage or a arranged marriage?
From the palmistry point of view, you won't marry, it's that simple.

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