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Head line and its different signs: part 1

Head line indicates attitude of a person. It is the line of head, what he is thinking and how he is thinking, how he is dealing with the reality. A well grooved, deep and long head line thus indicates that his brain and mind has been developed properly and now he is capable of grasping new ideas. But if it is not well flourished on the hand, surely that indicates that his mind has not developed properly and there is a brutal and beastly nature in him. He will be selfish, obstinate and brutal. He can be a lower class person or even a killer. A self-centered mind will dominate him, and he will never be a person devoted to the welfare of mankind, in fact he cannot be like that.

1. If head line arises from in-between space of Jupiter and Primary Mars, the person will get the qualities of both stars. He will get the qualities of Primary mars, being brave, dashing and heroic- and he will get the qualities of Jupiter- being honest, righteous and realistic. But the line should be straight, deep and long to get these qualities in full scale within the person's nature.

2. If head line is cut by some other lines, then there will be trouble, sufferings and accidents at that age.

3. If there is a black dot on the head line, then it indicates that there will be hindrances, trouble, mental pain, brain trouble etc. at that age.

4. If head line arises from the mount of Jupiter, the person will be pious and honest. He won't be quarrelsome, rather he will be wide minded and where he sees a vile or ill intentions, he will avoid it. He won't give an ear to other people's comments rather he will engage himself in his work and devoted to the welfare of people. It is very rare although. Leo Tolostoy, Hanimann etc. had this line.

5. If Head line arises from the mount of primary mars, then the person loves heroic actions, he is boastful, selfish and takes care of his own interest at first in all things. He never wishes to do good for others. He is not afraid of fight. He can be a convicted robber, terrorist etc. or he can be a great police or military officer in his life.
If head line  arises from somewhere, but on its way, it bends toward the mount of primary mars as if it was attracted by the mount, then he will be greatly affected by this mount and the result will be the same as before.

6. If head line and life line are separate, then he is of steady mind. He doesn't like to hear other's advice. He does what he thinks best for him. He can be a good doctor, artist, professor etc. People may think he is so boastful, but that is not right.

7. If the end of the head line rises slightly towards the mount of secondary mars, then he will be short-tempered and selfish. He always wishes his gain and prosperity for himself, although that won't be successful.

8. If head line bends toward the mount of moon, then he will be much more imaginative in nature. He makes a world of fantasy within himself. He always looks for new ideas and imagination. He can be a good scientist or inventor. As the mount of moon is liquid in nature, so his ideas will be more successful when the tasks are related to water or ice.

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