Thursday, December 24, 2009

No sun line; no Name and Fame

Mufti requested a palm reading a few days ago. Let's have a look on his palm lines:

No sun line, so no name and fame in life.  Without a sun line, the persons just pass an ordinary life.

No good Fate line, so no probability of being very rich. Working hard will make him solvent, but not rich.

Head line is bent down at the end towards moon, making him unsteady minded, so concentrating on study will be hard for him, therefore higher study is nearly impossible. He must try to overcome his mind's flickering nature. As imagination is dominant in him, so he should look for a career in design, art and craft, music etc. The more he will concentrate on his subject, the more he will be successful. It is possible that at later age, when he will be experienced, he will grab a great post.

He has a sign of travel, so surely he will travel and go abroad especially at around 35 years age and that will be like an immigration but at the old age, he will come back again to his own homeland.

And probably he is so sensitive in nature, he is not suitable to go in war. If we see that a person has an ability to grasp new ideas and apply them in practical field, along with capability of overcoming his emotional desires, then we can call him intelligent. So in this context, as he is sensitive, he won't be able to overcome his emotions, that's why I will say he is not so intelligent as he should be. And that is why there is no point giving him authority until he gains self confidence. I should suggest, he must make himself free from his emotions and make himself logical.

And very probably he will die peacefully in his homeland. That's it. Any kind of feedback is welcome.

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  1. wow I hope he is not suicidal, that sounded so sad life....


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