Friday, December 25, 2009

Fate line from venus mount: the person led by animal instincts

If fate line starts from the mount of venus and ends at the mount of saturn, then it means a life full of love and romance. But if his head line is faint and he has a potential venus mount, then he will be a very shy and self-centric person. He will just live looking for pleasures like beasts.


  1. I have a line very similar to this, but it does not end under saturn. It formed approximately two or three years ago and is well not developed. I assosiate it's formation with tool-use and hard labor, as four years prior to this year, I took up a job as a landscaper/gardener/horticultural apprentice. The motion of frequently using a rake(sometimes for hours on end) seems to be the physical cause. Haven't been able to find palmistry information on anything that appeared similar until stumbling upon your website.

    About the line itself: it is much closer to the webbing of the thumb than the line shown in your diagram, with a distance of about 5/8 to 3/4 of an inch from the webbing. It is at it's deepest after working and best seen when the hands are dirty. There is slight callusing on the webbing side of the line in both hands. In both hands it is broken, but getting stonger as time goes by. In both hands it begins faint and chained near the family ring at the base of the thumb, thickens around the mount of primary mars and then fizzels out. On my non dominant hand it is seen to cease abruptly at the marshal line, but when dirty or after working, tends to give the impression of a light imprint in the making that ends at the head line. In this hand it seems to be travelling the general direction of saturn, as if pointing at it from a safe distance. In the dominant hand it also ends abrubtly at the marshal line and seems to be pointing more toward jupiter.

    Other facts about my palm: My head line is straght and long, long enough to be considered a Hal Headline. In the dominant hand the head and life lines are not connected. In the non-dominant hand, they are now connected by a chain, but that wasn't the case until about 4 or five years ago. Before then, there was a gap between the two lines in the non-dominant hand, however, the gap was less sizeable than in the dominant hand. Eventually the gap decreased in size until connected by a chain. Also, I have a triple lifeline on both hands.

    Having said that, I have two questions for you:

    1. Is this newly forming line on my palm the same line you spoke of in this post?

    2. In such context, what does such a line mean?

  2. I like your quest. But a photo of your palm will describe it best to me rather than describing it in details. You know the old saying, a photo is better than thousand words! Thanks.

  3. If you like, send the photos to me at


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