Wednesday, December 23, 2009

line on the little finger and travel line

Recently Helina sent me her palm pictures. She pointed out that there is a fourth line on her little finger. I think, she mentioned the line above the base line of her little finger. Obviously it is present on both hands.

Well, from the palmistic point of view there are three parts of a finger and every part has its own characteristics. Here the fourth line actually divides the lower part of little finger in two smaller parts, thereby hampering the good qualities of this lower part. Now what does this lower part represent? Well, it represents love, affection and politics. So possibly there will be some sort of troubles in love, relationship and politics! Any kind of feedback is welcome!

She also requested to look at travel lines. From the pictures, probably there is a long travel line at the mount of moon, but it's very faint. I think she is such in a condition now that the possibility of travel is getting reduced day by day. She should come out of that situation if she ever wishes to travel. Otherwise this line will be vanished soon.

Well, that's it! I will appreciate the feedback and comments on it. Oh, she also gave me a bunch of thanks in advance even before getting a reading. Now I am afraid what she will give me after this reading. =)


  1. Hello, Thanks again for taking the time to do this. I have been told the same thing before so not much of a surprise. The out come is not your doing and whatever it would have been i still would have been greatful. :-)

    About the reading what i find confusing is I'm not politically involved or interested for that matter. But when it comes to love, u may be on the mark cause i have a hard time trusting people and thus don't get close enough. anything else u can tell me would be much appriciated.

  2. Hey I have the same thing on my hand the fourth line and never have seen anyone with the same sort of thing. Mine is only on one hand though and have always wondered its meaning but been unable to find any answers. I would love to learn and chat more about it. my email is




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