Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Crosses on principal lines

Small lines crossing the principal lines
If there are tiny lines that are crossing across the principal lines, they generally indicate a bad sign for the respective line. Usually these lines on the hand indicate unexpected misfortune and opposition in his life.

If these lines cross the life line, health becomes weak, various kinds of sickness prevails most of the time unless there is a marshal line that alleviate the bad effects of those lines. I have never seen a man with those line who can be called healthy!

If these lines cross the head line, some unexpected happenings will hurt you and your will. 
If these lines are on the fate line, fate, success and money will be an illusion like a mirrage in the desert. 
If these lines are on the sun line, he will face so many oppositions! 
In marriage line, they will bring strong oppositions from opposite sex.

So try it yourself! It's fun!!

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