Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Change of career and life

Someone has requested me some reading on his palm lines. So here we go.

the first thing that attracted my attention was his life lines. They were different on his hands. Left one was short and right one is more longer and deeper, which is obviously indicating a change of his life style, either by his own will or by some other's help, making him more healthier and stronger than ever! But as the worry lines are more dominant on the right life line, so obviously this condition gave him much troubles and illness then he would have in his previous life style. But above all, his life span extends longer, that is what I think a gift of changing his life style.

The next thing I noticed was that his head line and life line started together in his left hand, but in right hand, they were separate from each other at the beginning. Head line was strong in both hands, indicating a strong analytical mind, the person will be suitable and find himself successful in business and finance related professions. Besides, separate head line gives him strong determination who doesn't care other's influence. This is surely the good side of the change.
In left hand, the head line and life line started together, that means he was pretty shy when he was a child and before the change. But the change has made him confident, overcoming too much sensitiveness.

And the next thing is the fate line. See the enclosed circle? This will be the bad time of his career and it will start at around 31 years age. From 31 years age,he will start another two careers. At 35 years age, the previous career will end, because the fate line ended at the head line and one of the two new career paths will be the only income source until 54 years.

And the marriage line is around 36 years age, but there are too many opposing lines, I wonder he won't marry that time. But from 31 to 36 years, he is going get a big trouble, especially around 36 years, when he will fall in love with a female which will cause big trouble indeed, but after 36 years, financial condition will get better and everything will go fine


  1. Gr8 Analysis. Way to go dear, esp. when you dont charge anything for such work the trust increases. Gr8 job

  2. You said nothing about the heart line. How would you interpret the heart line on the left hand?

  3. Heart line on left hand indicates that he will have to endure much trouble for the person whom he trusts most, but as seen on the right hand, he overcame his sensitiveness with his strong and practical mind. That's really worthy to know because now you know, you can change your life by yourself thereby changing the path of the life.

  4. Thanks! I have two more questions. (1) I see that the heart line on the right hand also has two branches: one goes between the Jupiter and Saturn fingers and the other toward the head line, but does not touch the head line. What does that mean? That the person won't be betrayed by those whom he trusts the most?

    (2) I see that there is another branch from the heart line on the right hand: it's parallel to the branch that goes toward the head line but goes in the opposite direction. What does that mean?

  5. 1) That means he will be hurt mentally by the speech or actions of his close persons, but now he has the ability to endure it. It also implies that now his close persons are rightly chosen, whereas if the branch from heart line touches the head line or crosses it, then it will be wrong person.

    2) I don't know it yet, if you do, please let me know.

  6. I do not know about #2; that's why i asked.

    As for # 1--i thought that the branch from the heart line has to cross both the head line and to touch the life line. I thought that if it does not touch the life line, it can't be interpreted to mean that there will be betrayal (you say troubles) from the closest person(s). Let me know what you've read.

  7. why didnt u mention anything about the sun line on the right hand. is it too small? by the way, how can i send u the pic of my hand for u to analyze.?
    thnx, keep up the good job. god bless u.


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