Sunday, December 27, 2009

Heart line joined with head line

Imran has requested a palm reading request. So here we go.

At first anyone will notice his life line on both hand is messy with islands and cross lines, that surely tells us that his health didn't go well in his childhood time and it will remain poor health till 21 years age if he doesn't want to change it. Afterward, it will begin to improve. I suggest to live him in a healthy environment, a balanced diet and of course enough sleep and a lot of drinking water to drink with some free hand exercises.

His head line and life line starts together, that means a very sensitive mind. But the very interesting sign is that his heart line ends below the mount of saturn, and   a branch line goes to meet the head line. Saturn will make him a little religious and mystic minded, but the love and relationship probably won't work well due to the influence of saturn. However, As he has a marriage line at the age of 30 in his both hands, so at that time he will surely fall in love and he will want to marry at that age, and due to the branch line of heart line joins to the head line, so his work, his thoughts will now become lovecentric and surely it will turn into a good marriage.

He has a good fate line on his left hand, but due to some reasons, either by himself or by some other influences, the fate has been faded away and now his fate is uncertain and his income is unsteady. The only thing he needs to do is to communicate to as many people as he can, because he can prosper now just only by others' help and hard work. If he works hard, fate will favor him till around 56 years age.

Education is not favorable, because it requires constant concentration, flickering mind will be very hard to concentrate on study. So higher study is likely not possible.

No traveling sign, indicating no travel to abroad.

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  1. any comment on the significance of the branch line to the head line?


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